Wildlife Tour of the Olympic Peninsula and Mt Rainier

September 15-24, 2017 10 Days – 9 Nights

Travel to the beautiful state of Washington for 10 days of exploring the Olympic Peninsula, Puget Sound, Lake Crescent, Mt Rainier, and the greater Seattle Area with us. We will have a chance to experience wildlife from the Pacific coast to the temperate rainforest and up into the Olympic Mountains. Anyone interested in outdoor photography, bird watching, wildlife viewing, hiking, and exploring this amazing region should consider the trip.

The Olympic Peninsula provides a prime example of the diversity of the Pacific Northwest. The group will look for megafauna such as orca, Steller’s sea lion, Roosevelt elk and black-tailed deer. Target bird species to find will include rhinoceros auklet, marbled murrlet, pelagic cormorant, blue grouse, black oystercatcher, black turnstone, and spotted owl. Additionally, animals like banana slugs, anemone, Dungeness crabs and more will be sought.

The group will travel in passenger vehicles stopping at several unique and breathtaking sites for photography and wildlife viewing. Travelers will visit the Olympic National Park’s Hoh Rainforest, Hurricane Ridge, and Lake Crescent. Sites will range from old growth forest, mountain fed rivers, and the black sand beaches of the Pacific coast. A highlight of the trip will be a private whale watching tour with guides in search of seals, sea lions, eagles, puffins, and orca in the Straights of San Juan de Fuca. Two stops have been added to this trip from year’s past: wildlife viewing in the Seattle area and a day trip to Mt Rainier National Park.

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