Greenway Fun Run

April 17, 2021 10:00 AM – 12:00 pm

The Greenway Fun Run will take place at Van Raalte Farm Park near the historic Van Raalte Farm house off of 16th Street. This run is based around the importance of greenway systems and preserving the water in them.  Participants will be able to choose if they would rather walk instead of run. Trails consist of boardwalks, gravel, grass, mulch and uneven ground.  There will be post run snacks and beverages available as well.

Depending on registration numbers, we will hold staggered start times to help alleviate the number of people in one area at a specific time. A virtual option will be available. 

All funds raised go toward updating and replacing the existing trail maps at Van Raalte Farm Park to make the park more user friendly.

Overflow parking is available at the Country Club Road or 24th Street Parking Lots

Event Details

Pets: Dogs are permitted on this run as long as they are on leash.
**We suggest checking out the Van Raalte Dog Park (off 24th Street) after the  run**

Run Entry Fee Schedule:
Fee includes registration, post run snacks/beverages and reusable tumbler. 
February 1-28: $20
March 1-31: $25
April 1-Event Day: $30

COVID-19: if social distancing guidelines/recommendations change, we will change to a virtual style event

Directions to Van Raalte Farm Park

Thanks to our first in Sponsors

For more information on sponsorship opportunities and recognition, please email Ashley VanZee or call (616) 368-9289.