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Happy Holidays from the ODC Network!

While things looked different this year, there has never been more demand for our programs and services. As a community, we have needed outdoor activities to share together, pathways to explore, and beautiful greenspaces for the health of our environment and our mental health.

We have worked tirelessly to maintain a high level of programming and provide services throughout the year. We decided early to be forward thinking and adjust our outreach by hosting live videos on Facebook and modifying the the delivery of in-person programs to ensure safety. Our Conservation Services team has worked to erratic invasive species and improve habitats for private citizens and local municipalities. Little Hawks Discovery Preschool continued their quality delivery of early childhood education in an all outdoor format. ODC Education Network services were in high demand as we helped educators incorporate outdoor learning into their traditional classrooms.

Though are many more great things to share about 2020, tune in for the next week to read about the top 5 stories from our work this past year. For now, please enjoy these pictures from the simple and safe way we celebrated our Team this year. 

From all of us at ODC Network, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday season!!

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