Support the Founder's Hall Renovation!

Growing Forward...

Founders Hall served as the only dedicated classroom space at the ODC. 

Founders Hall was originally Fillmore Township Hall. It was donated and moved to its existing location in 1997. 

The original one-building room lacked restrooms, insulation, and properly functioning HVAC. ODC Network renovated the building several times over the past 22 years to keep up with operating demand. Today, we have simply outgrown the space. 

Growing Outward...

The ODC has always valued spaces that create a home for nature and serve the community.

These calculated investments were aimed at optimal service delivery and overall customer service — and have shown to be the right roadmap of development for us. 

Today, visitation is at an all-time high.

Classes, camps, and programs continue to fill within minutes, and capacity has exceeded our current facility limits. Advancing out mission for outdoor education and conservation relies on the following impacts and benefits of the new Herb Eldean Education Center: 

  • Expanded parking, program/curriculum storage, and improved accessibility; 
  • Abundant indoor and outdoor covered space to serve 300 more kids daily; 
  • New educational and wildlife displays, and classrooms; 
  • 4-season, multi-use covered outdoor space;
  • upgraded water system, restrooms, and utilities;
  • Improved mission delivery and service level.