Nature-Rich Community Park Passport

Make a resolution to get outside and visit more parks in 2019!  We have launched a new guide to help your family get around the community and explore some of the plethora of nearby parks.  Get a copy of the Nature Rich Community Park Passport at the Outdoor Discovery Center, DeGraaf Nature Center, or Herrick District library to get started!

You can also print your own at home to begin your journey.  Highlighted inside are fourteen local parks in the greater Holland/Zeeland area that are worth a visit.  Each page has a list of attractions and amenities, as well as a Challenge Question.  Be on the lookout for signs at each stop that provide the answer to the Challenge Question. Once your family has visited at least ten of the parks and successfully answered the question, return with your completed passport to the Outdoor Discovery Center or DeGraaf Nature Center during regular business hours to claim a prize.  Ambitious families may be able to visit all of these sites over a long weekend, but you have until the end of 2019 to get all your visits completed.

With all of the parks and greenspace around the community, we bet that even the most devoted outdoor enthusiasts haven’t been to all of them.  We hope that this kid-friendly guide will help take your family on adventures this year to places they haven’t been.  Best of all, the parks listed in our guide are open year-round, so you don’t have to wait until spring to visit some of these sites.  Scrounge up any family members you can find and head out on an adventure!