Let's create a nature-rich Saugatuck, together.

The ODC Network: your partner in Sustainable Development.

Our Mission:

To assist communities in connecting people and the environment to create a sustainable, healthy, and vibrant place to live, work, play and learn.

Goal Setting

From first steps to major milestones, we'll help you chart the course to a sustainable, equitable, and fruitful future.

Reporting & Benchmarking

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it" - Peter Drucker. Our experts will work with you to evaluate performance & communicate impact.

Project Funding

Gain access to additional grant funding and a broad donor base through the ODC Network.

Land Restoration & Management

In a nature-rich community, the environment is our greatest ally. Our conservation specialists help you get the most benefit from your land.

Greenway Management

Connect and enhance community parks, waterways, and trail networks. Natural corridors are a win-win for people and the planet.

Nature Playscapes

Enhance children's cognitive abilities, reduce stress, improve self-discipline, and encourages imaginative play with our beautiful play structures.


Get recognized for your efforts! We'll help you to communicate your story, educate the public, and build your image as a nature-rich community.

Community Engagement

As a well-recognized local resource, we will work on your behalf to identify and communicate with key stakeholder groups.

Events & Programs

In person or online, leverage our experience and community recognition for nature-rich education through community events & programs.

Curriculum Development

Our dedicated team of educators and strong connections with local schools enable us to deliver highly effective, nature-rich experiences to classrooms.

Our Services:

Build your community’s sustainability story with our suite of Nature-rich services.

Our Team

Jumpstart your sustainability journey with the help of our highly effective, cross-functional, Nature-rich team. From concept development to implementation, our experts will work in tandem with your staff to support Saugatuck's sustainability goals.


Nature-rich Manager

* Goal Setting
* Reporting & Benchmarking
* Community Engagement
* Events & Programs


Greenway Manager

* Land Restoration
* Land Management
* Reporting & Benchmarking
* Project Funding


Community Outreach & Inclusion Manager

* Community Engagement
* Events & Programs
* Goal Setting
* Storytelling


Conservation Services Manager

* Land Restoration
* Land Management
* Goal Setting
* Reporting & Benchmarking


Education Network Manager

* Curriculum Development
* Goal Setting
* Story Telling
* Project Funding


Operations Manager

* Nature Playscapes
* Goal Setting
* Land Management
Group walking on trail

Ready to Get Started?

The future will belong to the nature smart. Get in touch with us to set up a one hour brainstorm session to envision a Nature-rich Saugatuck!