The De Witt Birds of Prey Center was moved and renovated in 2016. The original location is now the footprint of the new Little Hawks Discovery Preschool. The new De Witt Birds of Prey Center It is located along the northeast corner of the “Kestrel Trail” on the Outdoor Discovery Center site. The facility has both outdoor seating and an indoor space for programming use. Informational signs are in front of each bird’s cage so that visitors can learn about the birds including interesting aspects of their natural history.

Meet our Birds of Prey






Our first birds were a red-tailed hawk, turkey vulture and eastern screech owl. The numbers of birds we have, our bird handling staff and the mews (cages) have grown over the years to create a more complete bird of prey education experience. We now have 12 species of birds that includes hawks, owls, falcons, eagles and vultures.

All of the birds housed in the facility have been permanently injured or disabled so that they can not return to the wild. We maintain permits with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to house the birds and use them for education purposes. All of our bird handling staff have gone through a series of trainings to ensure that both birds and people are as safe as possible when husbandry or handling of the birds is taking place. No volunteers or non-permitted individuals are allowed to come in contact with the birds per our state and federal permits.

Have you recently found injured or abandoned wildlife?

The ODC Network does NOT perform wildlife rehabilitation at any of its facilities.  No staff members are licensed to care for injured or abandoned wildlife.

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