Roberto Cedeno, Ecuadorian Eco Guide

We invited our Ecuadorian tour guide up to Michigan to share some stories. What a great week we had! Roberto spoke to nearly 300 students at Hamilton High School, over 80 people at a public presentation, and more than 40 students from Hope College about his experiences as a nature guide. He told stories about the wildlife he has encountered over his 28 years guiding. Roberto had a chance to paddle with us along the Macatawa River with the Sustainability team from Herman Miller, hike the trails of the ODC in search of West Michigan wildlife, and even had a chance to try his hand at throwing a dart with an atlatl. Lastly, we worked out plans for our next trip to Ecuador led by Roberto for April of 2018. It was a full week and one that furthered our connection with such a great resource on the ground in Ecuador.

If you would like to know more about that trip or future trips offered through the ODC Explorer Network, contact the office today!

Roberto speaking at Hope College for a public presentation

Dr Greg Murray, Dr Kathy Winnet-Murray, Roberto Cedeno, Travis Williams traveled with students from Hope College for a 2017 May Term

Roberto speaking at a Hope College Biology Seminar for students and faculty

Trying his aim with an atlatl

Travis and Roberto have led 4 trips to Ecuador together

Roberto’s Macatawa Marsh selfie

Preying mantis on the ODC Nature Preserve