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Take a moment to remember your fondest memory in nature...

What excited you?

Were you...

knee-deep in a wetland catching frogs and tadpoles?

hidden in a meadow of wildflowers making wishes on a dandelion?

climbing trees, swimming, or jumping from rock to log in a feat of balance?

Why did this memory stay with you?

Moments become memories when your senses are actively taking in the smell, feel, and sound of your surroundings.

1.3 Million People

Since the year 2000, more than 1.3 million people have created nature memories with the ODC.

Children and students learn and retain more information when in nature because they're learning and engaging their senses through hands-on experiences.

Restoration of wetlands and prairies ensure native animals and plants flourish.

2,500 Acres

ODC Conservation Services team manages 2,500 acres of habitat throughout the community.

46,000 tons

46,000 tons of sediment are withheld from the Macatawa Watershed, annually.

That's enough to fill 20 miles of back-to-back dump trucks - that's the length of the Macatawa River!

These high-quality habitats prevent flooding and provide a place where learning can happen.

Children experience wonder while playing, running, and exploring in nature. This wonder turns moments into memories that last a lifetime.


31% of students recieve scholarships to attend an ODC Preschool, annually.

Our wish is that everyone has a chance to learn and grow in nature throughout their lives.

Turn Moments into Memories for Future Generations!

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