Wildlife Crasher Experience

Are you looking to add some fun to your next virtual company meeting, call, happy hour, or party? With two unique options available, we are ready to customize a fun, virtual experience everyone will enjoy and remember.

VIP Experience

Invite an ODC naturalist to give a VIP Experience to your next virtual birthday party, happy hour, or meeting. This is a fun way to sneak in some education for children and adults alike.This is also a great way to gift seniors and children in centers or hospitals a way to feel connected to the outdoors and ability to chat with a naturalist.

45-minute VIP Experience = $150

Virtual Appearance

Bring a smile to those you see on your virtual happy hour, company meeting, or party bash by choosing an animal to be a face on your call!

20-minute Appearance = $100

Contact Joy@outdoordiscovery.org to schedule your very own Wildlife Crasher Experience

Wildlife Crashers

There are four species of owls housed at the De Witt Birds of Prey Center.

Eastern Screech Owl

Amazingly, I’m not as cute as I look. I’m actually terrifying.

Barn Owl

Ghost owl, hobgoblin owl, monkey faced owl; with this many names, I must be cool.

Barred Owl

Watch me stare at you. Calming or disturbing, you decide.

Great Horned Owl

Watch this; left eye blink, both eye blink, partial head turn. You can’t get enough of me.

There are three species of hawks at the De Witt Birds of Prey Center.

Broad-winged Hawk

I’m a snowbird, I love Michigan in the summer, but I gotta have the tropics come winter.

Red-shouldered Hawk

I will add grace and maneuverability to any meeting.

Red-tailed Hawk

I’m calm. I’m majestic. I can’t help but add to a friendly gathering.

There are two species of falcons housed at the De Witt Birds of Prey Center.


Ask me about my bony tubercles and why Boeing has some explaining to do.

Peregrine Falcon

C’mon and zoom, c’mon and zoom zoom. Fastest animal in the world. Pick me!

There are two species of Eagles housed at the De Witt Birds of Prey Center.

Bald Eagle

I’m the national symbol. I’ve been through hard times before and we always prevail.

Golden Eagle

I like to throw mountain goats off of cliffs. What do you like to do?

There are a variety of amphibians housed at the ODC Visitor Center and Founders Hall.

Green Frog

I’m Michigan’s 2nd largest frog. I’m the underdog that’s always croaking.

Leopard Frog

I can adapt to pond living or field living and I can adapt to being at your meeting.

Gray Tree Frog

Choose me! I can stick to almost anything and my inner thighs are yellow.

American Toad

Let’s see, I eat my own skin, I’m poisonous and I can blow up like a balloon. I’m just interesting.

There are a variety of reptiles housed at the ODC Visitor Center and Founders Hall.

Garter Snake

I’m a generalist. I can survive and join you anywhere.

Black Rat Snake

They say you are boring at meetings, after I sit in, everyone will think you’re the life of the party.

Eastern Box Turtle

My red eyes aren’t meant to scare you, they just indicate that I’m a male. 

Map Turtle

I’m named after topographical maps, now that’s a conversation starter.

Painted Turtle

Yep, I’m the State Reptile of Michigan, what are you? I will add pizzazz and color to any meeting.

Red Eared Slider

I’m big, I’m brash and I’m the newest turtle in the neighborhood.

Have an adorable mammal crash your party!

Willow the Rabbit

I have two teeth directly behind my two front teeth, weird!

Wildlife Crasher Symbolic Adoption

Why not keep your ODC Wildlife Crasher in the “family” by symbolically adopting it?

Your $60 gift will provide your Wildlife Crasher with the professional care, enrichment and high-quality food it needs, over the summer, so it can continue to educate our youth and bring joy to our visitors.

With each adoption, you will receive a

  • Formal adoption certificate
  • Species fact card and photo
  • Reusable gift bag

Contact Ashley@outdoordiscovery.org to arrange a Wildlife Crasher adoption

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Thank You!