River Junction Preserve

About the Preserve

Acquired in 2022, the River Junction Preserve acquisition permanently protects nearly 300 acres of riparian, floodplain, and upland habitat at the intersection of both the Kalamazoo and Rabbit Rivers for fish, terrestrial, and aquatic wildlife. The conservation land management services of the ODC Network will protect the property’s rich biodiversity and increase the property’s ecological value.

Preserve Features

3 Miles of Walking Trails

Rabbit River Access

Kalamazoo River Access

Riparian Forest

Portable Toilet

Open Seasonally

Preserve Rules

Trail Usage:

  • No entry fee
  • Trails open dawn to dusk, 7 days a week.
  • Pets are only allowed on 6 foot leashes.
  • Trails may be used for walking, jogging, hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

Please Do Not:

  • Harass wildlife for better viewing or photography.
  • Take horses, motorized or pedaled vehicles on the trails.
  • Swim in the Rabbit River or Kalamazoo River.
  • Park overnight or after hours.
  • Collect animals, plants or other natural materials without specific consent.
  • Hunt or trap wildlife.
  • Smoke or drink in the preserve.

Kalamazoo River Greenway

River Junction Preserve Trail Hours:
Sunrise to Sunset
No Entry Fee

Restoring the Lower Kalamazoo River Watershed and Connecting with Community​

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