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Facility Rentals

General Information

The Discovery Pavilion and the Herb Eldean Education Center  at Outdoor Discovery Center on Holland’s south side are beautiful places to host a family party, social group or meeting.

The Dragonflies Learning Lab at Dragonflies Discovery Preschool on Holland’s north side is a great venue for corporate meetings and retreats.

Rental Policies:

All rental activities must be consistent with the mission or “spirit” of the organization and may not interfere with its normal operations. We reserve the right to decline rental to any group or individual deemed to be detrimental to or a risk to the ODC Network mission, Outdoor Discovery Center facilities, Dragonflies Discovery Preschool facilities or its visitors. Rental activities must not endanger visitors, animals or the facilities. A renter must be at least 25 years old and stay on-site for the duration of the rental.

Organizations or groups using our facilities are responsible for preventing boisterous conduct, profane and improper language, and other objectionable practices. All noise must be kept to a moderate level to minimize disturbance to wildlife and the Outdoor Discovery Center’s and Dragonflies Discovery Preschool neighbors. Inappropriate conduct could lead to the immediate closure of an event and dismissal of a renter without return of rental fees and deposits.

Prior arrangements MUST be made with the ODC Network if alcohol will be present at the event. In order for a renter to serve alcohol, the ODC Network must be listed as additionally insured under the renter’s policy and that all liquor laws are followed. We reserve the right to not allow alcohol to be served at an event or, if alcohol was allowed without permission, to order the immediate closure of an event and dismissal of a renter without return of rental fees and deposits.

The Outdoor Discovery Center and Dragonflies Discovery Preschool are non-smoking facilities.

A list of recommended food vendors or caterers is available from the office that includes businesses that are approved to provide food services on our site. Renters may bring their own food but there is not access to cooking, cleaning or catering equipment. Damage done to tables or surfaces due to food warming equipment may forfeit in part or entirety a renter’s security deposit or have the renter incur an additional fee.

All decorations and lighting must be approved by ODC Network staff prior to use. No signs, banners, or other decorations that have been approved may be hung with tape or other material that will damage the facilities. Damage to facilities by decorations will incur additional fees that will be withdrawn from the security deposit and/or may require additional fees. NO HELIUM FILLED BALLOONS ARE ALLOWED. Renters who ignore this rule may be subject to additional fees.

Renters are welcome to utilize the Outdoor Discovery Center and Dragonflies Discovery Preschool trail system but they must remain accessible to the general public for the duration of the rental. No rentals can prevent the movement of the general public throughout the public areas during an event. If rented, trails leading to the Discovery Pavilion may be blocked by staff removing public access to the facility including the restroom. Trails close at sunset or 10 PM, whichever comes first, per the general rules of the property.

Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than six (6) feet on ODC Network sites and must be kept at least 50 feet from wild animal enclosures. Pets must remain under their owners control at all times. No remote or wireless leashes are permitted.

The use of fire arms is not permitted at the Outdoor Discovery Center or Dragonflies Discovery Preschool to ensure visitor safety. This includes any projectile weapon such as bows and arrows, guns, and cross bows unless explicitly stated in the rental agreement and approved by ODC Network staff.

The use of any vehicle is prohibited on the trails or natural areas of the Outdoor Discovery Center or Dragonflies Discovery Preschool. An exception can be made by ODC Network staff for the use of an approved golf cart for the sake of transporting visitors on the trails with physical mobility conditions that prevent them from accessing a part of the property. Some parts of the property may provide direct access via surface roads to visitors with mobility impairments.

Main parking lots shall be used by all renters unless otherwise outlined in the rental agreement. Inquire about over-flow parking options at ODC Network sites. Parking lots will remain open to the public during daylight hours.

Sorry, we are not offering facilities for weddings at this time.

Pavilions or other facilities NOT outlined in the rental agreement must remain open to the public for the duration of a facility rental. Additional fees or loss of a security deposit may occur if renters prevent access to public areas of the Outdoor Discovery Center or Dragonflies Discovery Preschool during a rental.

The use of inflatables, water activity areas or additional materials and set-ups for rental participant activities must be approved by the ODC Network staff before the rental day. We reserve the right to deny the permission for any activities.

Additional Details

All rental fees must be received by the date of the scheduled rental. Cash, check and credit card payments are accepted. Full rental fees may be made at the time of reservation. A 4% surcharge will be added to all transactions with credit cards.

A $500 damage deposit may be required to rent any of our facilities. Credit card or check is acceptable but will not be charged or cashed unless an incident occurs. Uncashed checks will be returned within 10 business days upon assessment by ODC Network staff. Renters may be asked to obtain additional proof of insurance with the ODC Network listed as additionally insured and must be received at least 5 business days prior to the rental date. Damage in excess of $500 will be billed to the signer of the rental agreement. Removal of helium filled balloons stuck in buildings after a rental could incur an additional $50 fee or loss of deposit.

All rental activities must be finished by the time designated on the rental agreement on the day of the rental. Requests may be made for rentals past the approved time but may incur an additional fee. Set-up, tear-down and clean-up must be performed within the time set in the agreement. The ODC Network is not responsible for the set-up, arrangement, clean-up and take-down for a rental nor is it responsible for the removal of any extra items at the conclusion of the event. Any rental activities that extend beyond the agreed upon rental duration will have the renter incur additional rental fees at the rate of $50 per hour. These additional fees will be withdrawn from the security deposit or be billed within five (5) business days of the rental date.

All tables and chairs must be returned to the original storage location at the conclusion of a rental. If the facilities are not returned to an acceptable state, the renter may forfeit a portion or all of the security deposit or be charged a clean-up fee. All rental generated trash must be disposed of by the group in the provided on-site dumpster. A staff person will verbally approve of an acceptable completion of clean-up at the conclusion of a rental. A full assessment of facilities or rented materials will be made on the next business day resulting in the return of a security deposit, charging of restitution or an invoice for additional expenses incurred by the ODC Network following a rental.

The renter/user agrees that the ODC Network shall not be liable to the user or its agents, employees, or guest for any personal injury, property damage, loss of life, or property arising out of the user’s use of the ODC Network premises. The rented further agrees to indemnify and hold the ODC Network harmless against any and all claims, causes of action, judgements, damages, expense, cost including but not limited to attorney fees or collection proceedings, arising from or relating to the user’s use of the ODC Network premises, including the acts of omissions of the user, its employees, agents or guests.

A $500 security deposit may be required in order to rent any of our facilities based upon the intended activities of the renter. This deposit may be made with a credit card that will not be charged or a check that will not be cashed unless an incident during the rental requires restitution. Checks will be returned within ten (10) business days after a post-rental assessment has been conducted by ODC Network staff. In addition, a proof of insurance may be required. Proof of Insurance will list the ODC Network as additionally insured and must be received at least five (5) business days prior to the rental date.