We’re creating nature-rich communities, together.

Help us open the door to healthier, stronger, and more active communities.

What Makes A Community Nature-rich?

A Nature-rich Community connects people and the environment to create a sustainable, healthy, and vibrant place to live, work, play and learn.

In order to respect and embrace our environment, we must understand it.
Sustainable isn’t enough, Nature-rich business practices improve attraction, retention, and the bottom line.
Nature has proven benefits on mental health, emotional stability, stress, and happiness.
Sustainable isn’t enough, develop business practices that create a Nature-Rich Community.

Why Does It Matter?

Nature-richness is enlightened self-interest. Providing a natural, positive, consistent connection between people and the ecosystem they live in is a prescription to happier and healthier people. 

Our Nature-rich Resources

Our goal is to make nature accessible and available again. Nature is still abundant around us, and we’re working hard to break down the barriers that block us from connecting with it.

People from all across the world come to experience the beauty of the lakeshore. We believe we can do so much more to increase access to the natural world around us. Check out some of our regions greatest resources below.

Allegan County has 48 schools, serving 16,867 students. Ottawa has 95 schools serving 45,490 students.​
You’ll find 585.6 acres of greenspace in Allegan County, and 5,979 acres in Ottawa County.​
Allegan County boasts 25 miles of coastline, with Ottawa County close behind at 24 miles.​
Between Allegan and Ottawa County, you’ll find over 200 miles of paved biking and walking trails.​
Local Businesses
From global corporations to seasonal mom and pop shops, our world class business community boasts intentional leadership and a wealth of nature-rich opportunities.
Being Nature-rich increases wildlife diversity. White-Tailed Deer, Red Foxes, Bats, Shrews, and many other animals live amongst the natural world in the lakeshore region.
Group walking on trail

Our Nature-rich Resolve

The future will belong to the nature smart. To build a better community, we have to work together.

We’ve partnered with some of our area’s most influential businesses and community leaders:

How to Help

Building Nature-rich communities takes a lot of work. We are currently looking for community partners interested in starting projects or donating their time and resources. Have an idea you’d like to discuss? Reach out using the form below!