Macatawa Water Festival

August 12, 2023

Back on Holland’s Windmill Island, we hope you can join us for the Macatawa Water Festival this summer!

Event Details

This year’s Macatawa Water Festival will still be held on Holland’s Windmill Island. As an organization, we will follow guidelines and recommendations for a safe event for all volunteers, staff and attendees. We are excited to still celebrate the Macatawa Watershed and educate and encourage you to continue to visit, explore and care for it. 

On Saturday, August 12 from 9:00am – 1:00pm local businesses and organizations are joining together to provide activities, suitable for all ages, that will be available in person.

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Rain Barrel Workshop

Join us for a Rain Barrel Workshop taking place at this year’s Macatawa Water Festival.

Rain barrels capture water from a roof and hold it for later use, such as on lawns, gardens or indoor plants. Collecting roof runoff in rain barrels reduces the amount of water that flows from your property. It’s a great way to conserve water and it’s free water for use in your landscape.

Program participants will build a rain barrel to take home and learn how these systems capture rainwater to irrigate lawns & gardens for free while protecting local waterways. For an additional fee, participants may choose to have their rain barrel painted by local artists at CultureWorks the week after our workshop (to be picked up at a later date, see details below). 

We are currently offering this workshop from 10-10:30am, which has enough room for 10 barrels to be built. If there are more people interested, we will open a second 11-11:30am workshop for up to 10 additional barrels. This is a first-come, first-served arrangement, and any registrations after those first 10 barrels will be scheduled as if they are 11-11:30 (despite this event stating 10-10:30). If you have any questions as to when you are registered for, please email

2022 Community Partners

20 Liters * City of Holland – Windmill Island Gardens * Culture Works * DeGraaf Nature Center * Holland BPW * Holland-Hope College Sustainability Institute * Ottawa Conservation District * Outdoor Discovery Center * ODC Preschools

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