Facility Rentals

General Information

The Outdoor Discovery Center is a beautiful place to host a party, social group or meeting.  We offer our grounds, facilities and programs to make your event memorable.

Rental Policies:

All rental activities must be consistent with the mission or “spirit” of the organization and may not interfere with its normal operations.  The ODC Network reserves the right to decline rental to any group or individuals deemed to be detrimental or a risk to the ODC Network mission, facilities or its visitors. Rental activities must not endanger visitors, animals or the facilities on the property. A renter must be at least 25 years old and stay on-site for the duration of the rental.

Organizations or groups using the facilities are responsible for preventing boisterous conduct, profane and improper language, and other objectionable practices. All noise must be kept to a moderate level to minimize disturbance to wildlife and the ODC’s neighbors. Inappropriate conduct could lead to the immediate closure of an event and dismissal of a renter without return of rental fees and deposits.

Prior arrangements MUST be made with the ODC if alcohol will be present at the event.  In order for a renter to serve alcohol, the ODC Network must be listed as additionally insured under the renter’s policy and that all liquor laws are followed.  ODC reserves the right to not allow alcohol to be served at an event or, if alcohol was present without permission, to order the immediate closure of an event and dismissal of a renter without return of rental fees and deposits.

The ODC is a non-smoking facility.

Renters may bring their own food but there is no access to cooking, cleaning or catering equipment. The office has a list of approved caterers and food vendors.

All decorations and lighting must be approved by staff prior to the event including proper  hanging materials to eliminate any structural damage.

The ODC trails may be used by the renter but must remain open to the general public from dawn to dusk.

Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet and remain at least 50 feet from wildlife enclosures.

The use of inflatables, water activity areas or additional materials and set-ups for rental participant activities must be approved by staff before the rental day. We reserve the right to deny the permission for any activities not conducted by ODC Network staff.

Additional Details

A rental reservation is not complete until a signed agreement and a 50% down payment is received by the administration office. Full payment is due prior to the rental date. Cash, check and credit cards are accepted.  Notice of cancellation must be received by ODC in writing 90 days prior to the event to receive a full refund. Acts of God and emergencies determined by ODC Network, causing a cancellation will terminate the rental agreement without penalty. Cancellation with a credit card will incur a transaction fee.

A $500 damage deposit is required to rent any of our facilities. Credit card or check is acceptable but will not be charged or cashed unless an incident occurs. Uncashed checks will be returned within 10 business days upon assessment by ODC Network staff. Renters may be asked to obtain additional proof of insurance with the ODC Network listed as additionally insured and must be received at least 5 business days prior to the rental date. Damage in excess of $500 will be billed to the signer of the rental agreement.

The contract will state the time for setup. All activities and cleanup must be finished by the time stated on the agreement. If activity extends beyond the contracted time, an additional $100/half hour late fee will be held from the damage deposit. The renter is responsible for any setup, arrangement, cleanup and teardown.

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