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Tri Communities Rainbarrel Program

2023 Program now closed: Thank you for supporting local artists and our watershed

About the Program

Rainscaping is a method of watershed restoration that uses practices, like rain barrels, to manage rainwater where it falls. The Tri-Communities Rain Barrel Project is centered around restoring and protecting the Kalamazoo River Watershed while featuring the works of local artists. Barrels within each of these communities were used to capture stormwater and repurpose it for watering flower beds and landscaped areas. In partnership with Saugatuck Center for the Arts, works by local artists was featured on each of the barrels.

Rain Barrel Stats:

Gallons of water captured

June - September, 2023
  • Saugatuck: 6,454
  • Douglas: 6,997
  • Fennville: 3,097
Bluestar Barns

Bluestar Barns | Michelle Pizzo
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 1,102

J. Petter Galleries

J. Petter Galleries | Amy Reckley
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 1,105

J. Petter Galleries

J. Petter Galleries (Courtyard)| Bryanna Manning
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 1,105

Saugatuck Douglas Welcome Center

Saugatuck Douglas Welcome Center | Lisa Nelson
See the Artist
Gallons Collected: 1,248

Ox Bow House

Ox Bow House | Michael Burmiester, Ronna Alexander
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 1,606

Saugatuck-Douglas Library

Saugatuck-Douglas Library | Lucy Alexander
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 1,034

Round the Corner Ice Cream

Round the Corner Ice Cream | Brandon Ruiter
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 974

Fennville Post Office

Fennville Post Office | Scotty Jacobs
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 962

Root Cafe

Root Cafe | Rachel Hefferan
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 1,082

Allegan Credit Union

Allegan Credit Union | Jeff Blandford
Learn about the Artist

The Southerner

The Southerner | Rae Lang
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 1,063

Windflower Design Co.

Windflower Design Co. | Sayde Laine Anderson
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: Unknown

Saugatuck Center for the Arts

Saugatuck Center for the Arts | Paloma Nunez-Reguiro
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 1,309

Coral Gables

Coral Gables | Michael Burmeister
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 998

The Saugatuck-Douglas History Museum at Mt. Baldhead Park

The Saugatuck-Douglas History Museum at Mt. Baldhead Park | James Brandess
Learn about the Artist
Gallons Collected: 1,008

Beery Field

Beery Field | Blake Johnson
Learn about the Artist
Gallons collected: 898


Rae is the founder and owner of the nature inspired art and apparel brand, Woosah. Rae studied printmaking at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI and has built their brand around woodcuts and the outdoors. 

Scotty is a boutique garden creator, community builder, and 2022 Artist in Residence at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts. He strives to connect communities with garden landscapes to encourage personal growth, self-improvement and social joy.
Amy is a multidisciplinary artist working in drawing, painting, screen printing and installation art. Her work embodies the investigation and process of building up and tearing down any surface or structure. 
Sayde is a fiber artist, community builder, and maker working across disciplines to explore environmental and social issues through traditional craft techniques based in Durham, North Carolina. Her work is inspired by rethinking the relationship between art, sustainability, and the land. 
Michael is a painter, ceramic, & concrete artist and is the Owner and Director of Button Gallery in Douglas, MI. His work revolves around abstract painting that represents getting lost in the environment around you. 
Ronna is an encaustics artist who lives in Douglas, Michigan with her family. Her work is peaceful, as she allows the hot wax to do what it will, and is framed with reclaimed wood from the Bigelow-Cooper building of Bay City, Michigan.

James has a studio and gallery space in Saugatuck, MI. He paints from observation, creating work that is reflective of elements in the landscape that touch all senses. His wish is that “our grandchildren and great-grandchildren can make their own visual response to a natural environment”.

Rachel is a Michigan-based weaver whose work focuses on microbial communities. She is a homesteader, fermentation nerd, and hopeful environmentalist.
Lisa is an illustrator living in Holland. She is truly inspired by color and all things quirky which she creates whimsical patterns and illustrations from. Her work focuses on color, positivity and truth in a world gone mad.
Paloma is a Mexican printmaker born in Lima, Peru. Her work focuses on human migration, social in/visibility, the intrinsicness of human-to-human relationships, & our desensitized relationship to the universe. She strives to help other rootless ones like herself, and those the world deems invisible, find their place too.
Blake is the Lead Designer & Manager of Silkscreen Marketing, a design studio and print shop in Holland. His work places him in a diverse context of neighbors & small businesses where he helps create, refine, and aestheticize commercial artwork. 
Bryanna Manning is a painter based in West Michigan. Her work is inspired by the Lake Michigan lakeshore and surrounding landscape. Bryanna’s work evokes a sense of nostalgia and presence, bringing viewers back in time to long afternoons at the shore and days spent exploring in the woods.

Capizzo Studio was founded by Michelle Pizzo. The space holds an area to gather, host events, showcase sculptures, and a stage for performances. Capizzo has enlarged its collection to outsider and unconventional art to fine art 2D works, sculpture, jewelry, books, furniture, and vintage items.

Brandon is an imaginative character designer and illustrator. His work revolves around telling a story through his art, and his experience as an actor has allowed him to bring life to his new characters and designs. 
Jeff is a West Michigan artist who has been actively making work in the area for 20 years.  Working primarily as a potter, he also blows glass and works with various different materials of interest. His work is centered around color, design, an appreciation for mid-century-modernism, and science.

Lucy is an artist and creator here in Douglas, MI. Things that interest her include character design, sewing, cooking, painting, illustration and anything nature-y! When Lucy is not doing doing artsy things here in town, she attends Grand Valley State University majoring in illustration.